Easy Updates to Turn your Boring Vacation Rental or Airbnb Bathroom into a SPA Retreat

by Ilonka Berryman September 20, 2017

Easy Updates to Turn your Boring Vacation Rental or Airbnb Bathroom into a SPA Retreat

Did you know that the two most important aspects of a hotel stay are "the bed" and "the bath" experience? These two areas should never be compromised to ensure guest satisfaction.  The same holds true for Vacation Rentals, Bed and Breakfasts and Airbnb properties.  No matter what size bathroom you have in your Vacation property, you can create a Spa experience for your guests without spending a fortune on a complete remodel. Here are our top tips for updating your guest bath to a luxurious SPA retreat.


1.  Think plush

If you are going to spend the money to update your Vacation Rental bathroom, you should start with the towels and rugs.  Over time, towels and rugs can become worn down and stained.  High quality plush towels and bath mats are an instant and easy update.  White is a good choice for a SPA bath as it promotes the clean neutral theme and is easy to bleach when needed.  To keep your towels and washcloths stain free, we recommend providing complimentary individually wrapped makeup remover wipes for guest use.   

2.  Install a hard wired makeup mirror

We all know we love the cool light up magnifying mirrors in upscale hotels.  They are great for putting on makeup and putting in contact lenses.  Surprisingly, they are affordable and easy to install.  Your guests will appreciate the convenience and because they are attached to the wall, you don't have to worry about them taking up valuable counter space.  You can find the Jerdon wall mount magnifying mirror at Bed Bath & Beyond for less than $65.

 wall mount mirror


3.  Upgrade your showerhead

There's nothing that says SPA bathroom more than a rainfall showerhead.  The feeling of the various massaging spray selections will make each shower feel like a special occasion. We like the spa shower heads with a handheld wand because they are great for reaching all areas and make it easy to clean the shower too.  This is an upgrade that is not a big investment.  This Hydroluxe 2 in 1 handheld showered from Amazon has great ratings and is a good value at $24.99.


4.  Invest in quality bathroom toiletries 

Hotel soaps and shampoos may be small in size, but they play a large role in ensuring guest satisfaction.  Most guests are accustomed to the toiletries that hotels provide and expect the same complimentary bathroom amenities when staying in Vacation Rentals, Bed and Breakfasts or Airbnb's.  You can find premium hotel size toiletries and mini soaps for your guest bathroom at our online store: Vacation Home Amenities. This classic white design with Black accents from our Retreat Line, is perfect for a SPA bathroom.

Retreat hotel size toiletries

5.  Consider your countertop

Adding a small tray for your guest toiletries is a nice way to display these complimentary items.  A beautiful presentation can make even the most basic hotel toiletries look and feel expensive.  If you don't have room on the counter for a tray, consider adding a pretty soap dish to display an individually wrapped guest soap.  Our Pinterest board "Be our Guest" has some great hotel toiletries display ideas for your guest bathroom amenities.

6.  Decorate with neutral colors

White, Beige, pale greens and blues as well as grey all invoke a soothing SPA feeling.  Keep your color palette simple and light and let the accessories add a pop of color.  A neutral bathroom also tends to look less cluttered.  

7.  Install dimming bathroom lights

Turn your bathroom into a pampering experience.  When you need a good light, you have it and when you don't want it, the dimmer is there to lighten the mood.  Since candles are never a good idea in a rental property, giving your guests the option to dim the lights while taking a shower or long soak in the tub will be very much appreciated.  Installing a dimmer switch is an easy task and you can buy a basic one for less than $25 at any local hardware store 

dimmer switch8.  Add Storage

Storage is always a challenge, especially in a small bathroom.  But clutter in the bathroom does not promote the SPA experience. Adding storage options that keep the clutter out of sight like this upscale toilet paper holder from Amazon, will make it easy for your guests to find needed supplies without having to go through all your cabinets and drawers.  

toilet paper holder

Of all the elements that make up Guest satisfaction in the Vacation Rental business, the Guest Bathroom and the amenities offered within are details which your property will be judged on.  You don't have to spend a lot to turn your bathroom into a SPA retreat.  We hope you have found our ideas useful!  We would love to hear about what has worked for you in your rental property.


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Happy Renting ~


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