Beach Therapy Hotel Size Toiletries


Your guests will love our Beach Therapy Collection! Our hotel size toiletries can be ordered in small quantities or in bulk.  As a supplier of hotel toiletries we offer affordable wholesale pricing on all our collections.  

These hotel size toiletries are Perfect for Beach Houses and Coastal properties.  The design and colors of the packaging are inspired by the turquoise waters of the Beach. You can buy each product individually or as part of a complete Amenity kit that includes travel size soap bars, hotel shampoos and luxury body lotions.  Our guest toiletries are perfect for Aibnb, Vacation Rental and Bed and Breakfast supplies.

Beach Therapy is enriched with Aloe Vera, providing natural hydration to soothe and revitalize skin and hair after a day at the beach. The Paraben Free Formulation features a subtle clean Tropical Fragrance that is both light and refreshing. Our travel size conditioning shampoo and lotion are both packaged in a 1 oz. biodegradable squeeze tube with easy dispensing flip cap. The 45g guest soap box is made from Recycled Paper Packaging and is printed with soy based ink.  It is an oatmeal soap for gentle exfoliation and it also doubles as a massage bar.  Our generous 35g hotel soap bars are individually wrapped and can be used as a shower or facial bar.

This eco-inspired line is made with Biodegradable Packaging, cruelty free formulas and recyclable materials. Your eco-conscious guests will love it!