R&R Essentials Guest Toiletries

Our newest collection of AirBnB toiletries is also our most versatile. R&R Essentials mini shampoo and conditioner bottles and hotel soap bars feature a fun upbeat message that will put a smile on your guests face and make them feel pampered and appreciated!

R&R Essentials mini shampoo and conditioner


Designed in Texas, R&R Essentials AirBnB toiletries and Vacation Rental amenities collection was inspired by the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper. As a Baylor grad and fan of the show, I wanted to create a bathroom amenities design that could be used for properties ranging from rustic farmhouses to modern lofts.  For the packaging, we choose an amber color bottle with a classic yet refined look that expresses quality and elegance. The bottles for this collection are a larger 45ml / 1.5fl oz size with easy open flip cap making them perfect for multiple uses and longer guest stays. This customized collection features a mini shampoo and conditioner, travel size shower gel and luxury lotion. Besides the body wash, this collection also offers two different hotel soap bars. The generous 42g body bar is a modern square shape oatmeal soap bar with raised bumps on one side for a relaxing cleansing massage experience. It is packaged in a sleek paper box that is fully recyclable. The versatile 30g soap is an individually wrapped guest soap that can be used as a hand or face soap, or in the shower for those shorter guest stays. Guests will love the aromatic lavender and peppermint fragrance which will leave them feeling clean and refreshed and ready to unwind. We design our amenities exclusively for AirBnB's, Bed and Breakfasts and Vacation Rentals. R&R Essentials was created so hosts could provide their guests with luxury hotel toiletries essentials that enhance their guests experience and promote a relaxing stay!