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Bleu Haven is our newest luxury hotel toiletries and soaps collection designed to be both upscale and versatile. Your guests will love these premium bulk toiletries with a subtle coastal design and sleek spa like packaging!

Bleu Haven is an upscale collection of hotel soaps and toiletries with a coastal flair. This versatile collection is ideal for a wide range of properties and is perfect for anywhere you want to create a spa bathroom feel. Bleu Haven is a simple yet modern design, featuring classic grey and white colors enhanced by gorgeous blue foil stamped details. It features a light unisex fragrance blend of bergamot and sea salt for a clean coastal vibe.

This collection includes seven luxury toiletries in a larger size 1.35 oz sleek tall bottle with silver screw cap. This generous size makes it perfect for those longer guest stays, and the screw top cap allows the toiletries to be resealed and stay fresh for multiple uses.

Choose from a shampoo and conditioner or a two in one conditioning shampoo. Pair those with a hydrating body lotion and lathering shower gel for a modern upscale bathroom amenities presentation. Bleu Haven also features two hotel size soaps, a 1.6 oz body bar soap for the shower and a 1.2 oz round soap bar. The body bar is an oval shape white soap bar with a unique coral embossed design. The hand & facial soap is a round white soap bar with bleu haven embossed design. Both soaps are formulated with essential oils enhancing the bergamot & sea salt fragrance.

Bleu Haven is a luxury hotel amenities collection with upscale packaging and high end ingredients that is sure to enhance any Vacation Rental or Airbnb bathroom decor!



Bleu Haven ~ 3 pc Amenity Set with Presentation Bag 2 reviews $25.95 $26.95
Bleu Haven ~ 6 pc Amenity Set with Presentation Bag 5 reviews $42.25 $44.50
Bleu Haven ~ Shampoo 40ml 1 review from $0.47 $46.95
Bleu Haven ~ Conditioner 40ml 1 review from $0.47 $46.95
Bleu Haven ~ 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo 40ml 2 reviews from $0.47 $46.95
Bleu Haven ~ Body Lotion 40ml 1 review from $0.47 $46.95
Bleu Haven ~ Shower Gel 40ml 2 reviews from $0.47 $46.95
Bleu Haven ~ Body Bar Soap 1.6oz 9 reviews from $0.50 $49.95
Bleu Haven ~ Wrapped Hand & Facial Soap 1.2oz 4 reviews from $0.37 $36.95

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