Rental Ready Bath Amenity Kits

At Vacation Home Amenities, we are a leading supplier of bath amenities for Vacation Rentals, Bed and Breakfasts, Inn's and Hotels. We provide amenity kits that include all of the essentials for your guests.    
Each 30 piece amenity kit comes with 10 guest soaps, 10 conditioning hotel shampoos and 10 travel size lotions. This is ideal to get your guest bathrooms "Rental Ready" for up to 10 stays.   If you prefer to order the products individually and customize your quantities, you can do that too.  

Each of our products is formulated from the best ingredients, ensuring guest satisfaction.  Our hotel soaps are designed with a light refreshing fragrance, while being easy on the skin!  Our travel size lotion and conditioning hotel shampoo are a generous 1 oz. size and come in an easy to use squeeze tub with flip top design.   All our products feature biodegradable packaging and contents and are printed with soy based inks.  

All our amenity kits are designed with your guests comfort in mind.  Browse through our custom designed collections and purchase soaps, toiletries, or entire kits with all the essentials!