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Our hotel toiletries are sold in sets and include essentials like Hotel Shampoos and Soaps. Buy all your guest toiletries here!

  • 3 pc toiletries set from $1.99 per set - Purchase in packs of 10
  • 6 pc deluxe toiletries sets from $3.59 per set - Purchase in packs of 10
  • Or choose our Rental Ready kits with shipping included

Whether you are a property manager with multiple properties or rent your home on AirBnb, VRBO, HomeAway, or any other listing site, you will need a supply of bulk hotel toiletries for your guest bathrooms. We offer hotel toiletries supplies and kits that include all of the essentials for your guest's needs while staying within your budget. No need to buy all your hotel toiletries separately and end up with more guest toiletries than you can possibly use or find storage for. Our hotel size toiletries sets allow you to order only what you need when you need it. Buy them in small quantities as low as 10 sets, or buy in bulk and stay within your budget!

Each of our bulk toiletries collections is made with quality ingredients, ensuring guest satisfaction. Our mini toiletries are formulated with a light clean refreshing fragrance so they appeal to a wide variety of guests while being easy on the skin! The body lotion and hotel size shampoo start at a generous 1 oz. size and come in an easy to use squeeze tube with a flip-top design. Our shampoo and lotion tubes feature biodegradable ingredients and are printed with soy-based inks. We also offer a larger size bottle for those longer guest stays. Premium guest soaps are also included with all our hotel amenity kits. The small soaps are a generous size and designed to last for the typical guest stay.  

Our luxury hotel toiletries are designed with your guests comfort in mind. Browse through our custom designed collections and purchase hotel size toiletries bulk or small quantities, or buy entire hotel toiletry kits that include all the essentials! Order your Vacation Rental, Bed and Breakfast or Airbnb supplies today!

Beach Therapy ~ 3 pc Amenity Set 16 reviews from $1.99
Beach Therapy ~ 6 pc Amenity Set 19 reviews from $3.59
Bleu Haven ~ 3 pc Amenity Set 2 reviews from $2.25
Bleu Haven ~ 6 pc Amenity Set 3 reviews from $3.99
Lake Life ~ 3 pc Amenity Set 12 reviews from $1.99
Lake Life ~ 6 pc Amenity Set 16 reviews from $3.75
Mountain Escape ~ 3 pc Amenity Set 14 reviews from $1.99
Mountain Escape ~ 6 pc Amenity Set 18 reviews from $3.59
R&R Essentials ~ 3 pc Amenity Set 5 reviews from $2.25
R&R Essentials ~ 6 pc Amenity Set 11 reviews from $3.99
Retreat ~ 3 pc Amenity Set 5 reviews from $1.99
Retreat ~ 6 pc Amenity Set 8 reviews from $3.59

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