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Tired of linens, washcloths and towels that are stained and ruined by make-up? Our individually wrapped makeup remover wipes are the perfect solution for keeping your linens and towels in pristine condition. Most vacation rental properties utilize white towels and linens but keeping them clean and bright can be a real challenge!  Makeup, especially eye makeup, is notorious for staining those quality sheets and towels you just invested a lot of money in. What can you do? One solution is to provide your guests with complimentary eye makeup remover wipes. Its a very minimal expense compared to having to replace stained towels!

Makeup remover towelettes are the perfect addition to any of our amenity kits. Since they are individually wrapped, you can provide them in quantities appropriate for each guests stay. The simple design of these wipes complement any of our toiletries collections and do a fantastic job of removing even the most stubborn eye makeup and mascara. Each wipe is infused with moisturizing lotion and vitamin E to condition the skin. Your guests will appreciate the convenience of these makeup remover wipes and you will save money by not having to replace stained washcloths and linens - a win win!

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